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Canvas is like yoga pants: flexible, awesome, and used a ton.

One reason Canvas gets used is because it supports faculty in their efforts to deliver blended and online learning while giving them the freedom to explore and evolve their approach to teaching and learning.


Canvas Modules: Simple & Powerful

Organize and sequence content, learning activities, and assessment, and streamline the delivery of learning

Don't be fooled by their simplicity—Canvas Modules are a powerhouse of course organization, resource management, student guidance, and personalized learning. Canvas Modules help teachers simply be more organized. Better organization means more time spent on actual teaching and learning.

More teaching.
Less tech-ing.

Save time for what matters most by archiving and sharing content from one semester to the next.

Instructors spend countless hours creating learning elements. Canvas makes it easy to create, archive, and import them all. No more wasting time recreating content from semester to semester, or moving from one system to another. And Canvas Commons provides a learning object repository (LOR) that enables educators to find, import, and share resources with the public. So share and benefit from others' sharing alike.

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Use Canvas But Still Do You.

Easily integrate open education resources and implement the pedagogy that best fits your desired outcomes.

Traditional Grading vs. Standards Based Grading? We got you covered. Project-Based Learning or Flipped Learning? You decide. Customize Canvas for the ultimate pedagogical flexibility. Canvas is the digital platform where teaching and learning take place outside of (and complementary to) the traditional classroom. Your digital pedagogy starts with learning at its center, not tools or technologies. The best digital tools inspire users, often to use them in ways we couldn’t anticipate. We don't want to change your teaching, just make it easier (and...maybe..better).