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Power To The Instructors! 

Canvas helps instructors teach the way they want to. Whether they're pushing revolutionary pedagogy or dipping their toes into technology-supported teaching, Canvas makes sure we're always empowering faculty with the right educational technology without getting in their way.

Flexible Learning

Whether your faculty is new to online and blended learning, or seasoned and ready to mix it up, Canvas has the proven flexibility to magnify what they do. Canvas is supported by a flexible architecture that lets institutions build, integrate and expand their open learning platform. Because technology should fit learning, not the other way around.

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Improving Learning

Anytime. Anywhere. AND easy? That's (part of) how you get to better learning. And that's why Canvas helps create engaging courses on an easy-to-use platform, available on any mobile device. The boundaries of the traditional classroom and faculty/student relationship? They're expanding in nothing but good ways.

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