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Welcome, Canvas newbies, enthusiasts, collaborators, and innovators! You’re invited to experience one of the fastest-growing user communities, passionately committed to sharing "how-to"s and "a-ha!"s. Community members actively discuss everything Canvas, from basic use to advanced actions, they're a regular source of smart solutions to common problems, and their input directly influences the Canvas roadmap.

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Use the community global search to find people, places, and member-generated content related to your search terms, as well as official Canvas-created guides and communication.

Read the Guides

Find complete documentation for the Canvas Learning Management Platform and other Instructure software, such as Portfolium and MasteryConnect, organized by user role. 

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From quick-start guides to how-to videos to free tools, find all the resources you need to get started quickly with Canvas, whether you're an instructor, a parent, or a student.

Get Product Insights

Find out which new features are slated for release in coming months and what they'll bring to the table, and learn how a feature goes from roadmap to product development to platform.

Join the Conversation

The Community includes a vibrant Q&A forum where every day, thousands of members go to ask and answer each other's questions about teaching, learning, and using technology.

Find Your Peers

The Community is home to many user-group hubs based on the roles, interests, and language preferences of their members. Start tailoring your Community experience to your specific needs.

Role-Based Resources


Find tutorials and tips specifically for you, and connect with other Canvas admins.

Instructional Designers

Find resources and topics related to your role, and connect with other Canvas course designers.


Browse our VAST user guides for teachers, ask and answer questions, and connect with other instructors who use Canvas.

Observers & Parents

Learn to use Canvas, find answers to parent/observer FAQs, and connect with other parents or observers of students who use Canvas.


Learn how to get started in Canvas, use all the tools and features like a pro, and connect with other students who use Canvas.

Here’s What Community Members Are Saying

The Fastest-Growing Community of Educators

Long story short: This is the fastest-growing, most active online community of educators. They continually learn from each other, find resources and new opportunities to thrive with Canvas, and actively work together to solve today’s educational challenges.


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