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UK higher education institutions are at a tipping point: will they go digital or the way of the dinosaur? Luckily, help is here!

Let’s cut to the chase (because, frankly, time is running out): higher education institutions can’t afford to opt out of the technology age. Technology has become ubiquitous, and its role in daily life must be reflected on campus.

Many institutions feel overwhelmed by the rate at which new technologies emerge and evolve. But those who start embracing digital transformation now will flourish in the future.

We commissioned IDC to write a pivotal white paper that lays out strategic insights and advice for institutions ready to take on digital transformation.

If you’d like to know how institutions such as the University of Hertfordshire and Anglia Ruskin University have adapted to provide a compelling experience that matches students’ expectations as well as those of faculty members and future employers, then download the white paper today.

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For a university to flourish and thrive, its investment in its digital infrastructure needs to be as good as in its physical infrastructure, and the two need to be seen to blend seamlessly together.

Ian Martin

Vice Chancellor, Anglia Ruskin University