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Canvas for Schools

Every School Is Different
(Just Like Its Students)

Nobody knows the unique needs of your teachers and learners as well as you. Built on openness in every way, the Canvas Learning Management Platform helps you create a custom learning environment to equitably scale student achievement. Whatever the learning initiative, Canvas is there to support and connect it—from scaled curriculum and formative assessment to showcased learning and teacher development.


Parent Co-Enrollment

Connect parents to pupils’ classes automatically

Parents can co-enroll in Canvas, allowing them to view their child’s marks, upcoming lessons and assignments, due dates, missing homework and teacher feedback. And with the Canvas Parent app for iOS and Android, parents can stay up-to-date with their child’s progress from anywhere.


Connect to Canvas from any web-standard browser

Canvas is accessible from any computer or mobile device with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. This means no end-user software and no installation or compatibility headaches. Just open your browser, log in to Canvas and you’re ready to teach and learn.

Learning Mastery Gradebook

Monitor formative and summative assessments to track pupil performance

The Learning Mastery Gradebook provides a dynamic way for teachers to record and monitor assessment activity. Assignments, as well as graded quizzes and discussions, automatically populate the gradebook. There, teachers can use the Canvas SpeedGrader tool to quickly mark pupils’ work and to provide text, audio and video feedback. Teachers can also quickly assess pupils’ submitted work against learning outcomes and objectives.

Record audio & video messages within Canvas

What if teachers could easily include audio or video comments as part of a course discussion or when marking pupil work? With Canvas, you can. All you need is a computer or mobile device with a microphone and camera and Canvas does the rest. Multimedia can be attached to personal messages, assignments, discussions and even marked work.

Integrated Media

Connect assessment with learning goals

Because Canvas is cloud native, teachers can view, mark and provide feedback on pupil submissions from a computer or a tablet without time-consuming downloads or uploads. And integrated outcomes allow coursework to be connected to competencies, making assessing work easier. When aligned with rubrics, outcomes can even help improve teacher feedback.


Course management has never been easier

Repetition has its place in the learning process, but who needs practice rescheduling due dates? When you create or update an assignment in Canvas, it automatically populates the syllabus, gradebook and calendar, so you can maximise your time by minimising repetitive tasks.

Automated Tasks

It’s Not About What Canvas Can Do

It’s about the amazing things your institution can do with Canvas. Watch the Rooks Heath College user story.