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Oxford Saïd Delivers Blended Learning to Assist its Next Generation of Learners


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Saïd Business School (Oxford Saïd) is the business school of the University of Oxford in England. It serves as the centre of learning for undergraduate and postgraduate students in business, finance, and management. Saïd has emerged as a prestigious institution, renowned not only in the United Kingdom but also throughout the world. 

The University identified the need for a more user-friendly, intuitive, and robust virtual learning environment (VLE) during a Digital Education Strategy implementation consultation. As part of its competitive selection process, Oxford Saïd went through a trial of the Canvas VLE by Instructure. With overwhelmingly positive feedback, the University announced in 2018 that it selected Canvas as its new VLE.

“To support our students, the technology has to be robust, reliable, and innovative. That’s what Canvas is.”

—Mark Bramwell

CIO and Director of Professional Services

In conjunction with its Canvas adoption, Oxford Saïd also started using Construct, a joint service offering from Proversity and Instructure that provides a full suite of bespoke creative learning design, production, and course design. The Saïd Business School project team used Construct to accelerate their migration of eleven degrees, nearly one hundred modules, and several thousand pages of content.

In evaluating their move to Canvas and use of Construct, Oxford Saïd say the project came in on time, under budget and with their expectations exceeded. 

To learn more about how administrators are using their new digital tools, their favourite aspects of Canvas, and the reduction of IT service requests, read the full Oxford Saïd case study.