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Practice. Get Feedback. Get Better. Repeat.

Practice helps students frequently practice skills and receive meaningful, timely feedback through the power of peer-to-peer video assessment and coaching.

Homework That Looks (And Sounds) A Little Different

Canvas Practice enhances teaching and learning in two ways: 1) it gives learners the option to view a model response, and 2) it offers learners access to expert feedback. Practice improves both efficacy and assessment by showing learners a clear path to demonstrate mastery, and instructors a simple, focused way to evaluate performance.

The Power of Peers

Canvas Practice triggers a feedback loop between peers, which increases interaction, real engagement, and collaborative reflection, which facilitates social learning through modeling, observation, and imitation. Practice also enables reflective practice and provides immediate feedback within a community of learners. How's that for positive peer pressure?

Canvas Practice Is Educator-Rooted

Created by teachers and based on a patented pedagogical design, Canvas Practice was originally developed through multiple National Science Foundation grants. So it's always been fueled by real pedagogy, real teachers, and a real desire to advance the science of learning.  It's an applied microlearning solution used by institutions and organizations alike to build competencies and develop skills.