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Canvas for Higher Education

Educators and Students Are Always #1 to Us. (Maybe That’s Why We're #1 to Them.)

Educators have been switching on light bulbs over our heads since way before light bulbs were invented. The least we could do for them is deliver the best LMS imaginable. Today Canvas is the most-used LMS, voted #1 by both students and educators. And it's not just the most adopted; it has the highest retention rate and top-ranked implementation services and support. Being #1 is 100% inspired by you.


Flexible, Reliable, Adaptable, & Ready for Tomorrow

Institutions are expanding their blended and online learning programs, and Canvas’ open architecture provides the most engaging, reliable, extensible learning ecosystem for unrestricted pedagogical freedom. How extensible, you ask? We’re talking integrates-with-over-400-edtech-partners extensible.

The Solution for Your Institution

With Canvas, learning gets more flexible. Educators and students get more engaged. Student success gets more successful. And your institution gets unparalleled access to essential metrics for continuous improvement.

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Easy to Use, Fast, & Steady

The real power of Canvas is in its simplicity. In study after study, users of all abilities say Canvas is intuitive, easy to navigate, stable, and fast.

Since the very beginning, Canvas has committed to an industry-best 99.9% guaranteed uptime service level agreement (SLA) for all customers. And how fast is Canvas? Well, it's hosted on the world’s most robust hosting platform (Amazon Web Services), which is as fast as it gets—which  means, of course, that Canvas is, too.

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Mobile, Customisable, & Flexible

Learning happens everywhere. The Canvas LMS has native course and grading apps, so educators and students can teach and learn whenever, wherever.

Canvas also provides an extensive, open API, making it easy for third-party apps to plug right into Canvas, pull from its data, and push data back in. We built a whole app centre to make it even easier for institutions and instructors to browse through loads of LTI apps and install them in a single click. No IT support necessary.

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With Canvas, Software Is Just the Start