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What is a Learning Management Platform?

It makes teaching, learning and assessments easier, consumable and accessible.

Define Canvas Learning Management Platform

The Canvas Learning Management Platform delivers an open, extensible learning ecosystem that allows colleges to build the digital learning environment that meets the unique challenges faced by their institution. Canvas is the fastest growing VLE in the world. It is adaptable, reliable, easy to use, saves time and most importantly, it gets used.

Why Further Education Colleges are Switching to Canvas

Adoption, innovation and student experience

With the choice of so much technology in the marketplace, it's difficult to realise what's really going to add value. The innovation behind Canvas is what makes it the world’s leading Learning Management Platform, fit for the future of education.

Colleges across UK&I are making the smart shift from freemium, clunky platforms and moving to Canvas because it offers more than any traditional VLE. And Canvas users are staying with Canvas.

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The VLE teachers & studentsactually want to use

Canvas was built on the idea that teaching and learning get easier when your VLE gets simpler. It’s the simplicity of Canvas—with its intuitive user interface and native-cloud reliability—that increases campus-wide adoption for learning institutions of every kind.

Canvas Case Study

Middlesbrough College

"We have a 97% adoption rate in the first year. It took us more than a decade to reach this rate with our old system."

James Wells
Head of Digital Curriculum, Middlesbrough College

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Do you need some help picking a platform? We’re an open book!

Read our Further Education Guide to choosing a Learning Management Platform for insights on:

  • Understanding how a true Learning Management Platform works
  • Identifying the unique needs and wants of your users
  • Aligning a platform to your institution’s goals
  • Planning for future scalability
  • And more
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