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The week of Oct 7 - 11, will see Barcelona transformed into the center of education technology for Europe! With the city hosting both CanvasCon Europe and the IMS Europe Summit 2019, there will be hundreds of institutions and edtech companies participating and sharing their success stories around best practices in education and how to help simplify teaching for Instructors and maximise value for students.  

I have the fantastic honour of speaking, presenting, and moderating 6 sessions across the 2 events in Barcelona. Discussing an array of topics centered around teaching and learning and how technology can empower learners across Europe. 

Innovation in teaching, plug-and-play technologies, data & analytics, and professional development will be some of the central themes of these conferences. Developing practices that are reflective of how students learn more efficiently and using data in an effective and actionable manner is at the heart of what institutions are striving to accomplish. There are many tools that are readily available to students, however, how do we create a manner where we are able to maximise their usage? These are the questions that we will look to answer.   

Pedagogical practices are ever-changing with schools, universities, and countries fully changing their approach to implementation procedures. In order to keep up with the evolution of these practices it is necessary for those with decision making authority to understand the implications of the choices that are being made and be informed of the possibilities that exist. 

These events are not about choosing different vendors to fulfill your needs, but about sharing stories, discussing best practices and approaches, as well as building a network to find a unique way to have solutions to complicated problems that others out there are experiencing.  Both will be packed with institutions and experts from all over Europe sharing their successful deployment of technologies that are having tremendous influence on instructors and students. Personally, I could not be more excited to hear about these innovative approaches to positively impact education!  

For those that are heavily invested in education technology throughout Europe, this is a week that is not to be missed in Barcelona! We're just a week away now - don't miss your chance to join us and be a part of a truly special week! 

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You can register for IMS Europe Summit at


Keep learning,

Sidharth Oberoi
Head of EMEA Product, Instructure