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Editor’s Note: Recently, we welcomed two work experience students - Kiaya and Quinten - to our London office to spend a few days learning about our business, people and mission.  With the aim of encouraging them to start to think of their journey of learning as endless, we asked them to share their thoughts on the time they spent with us.

First up we have Kiaya Nicholl.


Impact and Passion within Instructure’s Panda Paradise

It is clear from the first step into one of Instructure’s offices that the core objective of the business is to ensure the impact they make on their clients’ lives is overwhelmingly positive. After speaking to employees in various departments, the central theme that connects them all is passion. Each employee’s different passion somehow led them to their role and allowed them to feel fulfilled. 

Captivating Culture

Every person that I met along my Instructure journey was open, kind and genuine. Everyone’s energies were always high and they honestly seemed to love what they were doing. Throughout the two days I was here, I spoke to a variety of departments and was introduced to all their duties and responsibilities that they take care of on a daily basis. However, one of the most important things I will take away from this experience is how every employee said they felt valued and rewarded within the business and how the environment allowed them to be excited to come into work. Especially for the company lunch on a Wednesday when everyone comes together to eat and catch up.

Kaiya Panda

Opportunity and Skills

One of the recurring things that was mentioned over my two days was how working for Instructure allows the employees to gain and develop new and existing skills. Everyone has a different skill set and it is about how we develop and use these skills. 

When I was talking to Mario, Sam and Vicky in SDR (sales development representatives), they informed me how the skills that you can pick up in life are really handy in their jobs and vice versa. These skills were very transferable . They also explained to me how having these skills and developing them every day can help you get a grasp of new and arising opportunities. 

Opportunities like being able to learn new things and see many different places in the world is not missing within the Instructure workplace and the teams are motivated to advance to new roles and responsibilities.

The end of the beginning

My time at Instructure has been so short yet so sweet. In two days, I have picked up and learned so many things about the SaaS industry and myself that it would be impossible to say that I’m not a changed person. To the genuine and kind people that work there, I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for making my time at Instructure a perfect panda paradise.


Keep learning,

Kiaya Nicholl