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For most educators, technology is no longer seen as an optional ‘extra’ in their classroom, instead it’s a crucial part of delivering compelling and effective teaching and learning. 

Now that schools largely understand the benefits edtech delivers, this puts them in the driving seat. However, with so much choice in the market and products claiming to offer the best features, to be intuitive, and most widely adopted, how do you choose both the right technology platform and partner?

Investing in new technology, particularly a Learning Management System (LMS), is an important decision and represents institution-wide change. Not only does the technology you choose need to be evidently reliable, secure and easy to use, the company behind the product, needs to also be able to demonstrate their credentials. Are they reliable, able to grow, flex and adapt to the evolving needs of the technology and educational landscapes? Do they consistently deliver high levels of support and show openness in the direction they are taking?

When it comes to changing your LMS, the easiest option might be to stick with the platform you are already using or “upgrade” to the newer version on offer. But what’s the catch - will your vendor actually provide a superior product that supports your school’s teaching and learning outcomes,  will they provide continuous support and partnership to deliver on what they promised? Such questions are key to effectively evaluate a learning platform and vendor partner that will help drive the success of your organisation and students and teachers. 

Change can be stressful and challenging if not managed effectively. At Instructure, we work alongside educational institutions in true partnership, helping them to deliver on their digital transformation goals to enable better teaching and learning. Our focus is on supporting new ways of teaching through technology that is easy to use and supports greater learning, and teacher-student and peer-to-peer collaboration, without disruption. We also deliver continuous changes driven by customers through the community portal; an interactive avenue for customers to share ideas, drive continuous improvements and be part of making Canvas the best platform for users around the world. 

So, there is a choice to be made. Take the easy route and stay with what you have, or stop, reflect, and really consider if your edtech solution is driving an impactful teaching experience, delivering successful students’ learning outcomes. With the right partner, change can be both exciting and worthwhile. If you truly want to make an educational impact, we're here to help.


Oddvar Brekke