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An accessible solution

Teneo is a homeschool platform from South Africa which offers a specialised, interactive approach to online education. It is designed to help learners who have demanding extracurricular activities and for parents who travel often but need the assurance that their child is safe at home receiving a quality education. 

Up to 250,000 children are schooled at home in South Africa, with the numbers growing at 20% per year, home-schooling is an important option. Teneo’s solution which has harnessed global technology, and the best teachers, to offer quality education worldwide is accessible from anywhere.

However, the challenge of securing online exams led them to cumbersome solutions such as conference tools to invigilate their students. Over time these solutions proved to be too time-consuming and difficult to scale, so Teneo started looking for a more advanced remote invigilation solution.

A seamless integration

Teneo was already using the Canvas Learning Management Platform at the time to host their curriculum—providing their students with remote access to learning materials. Because Canvas is a feature-rich & flexible LMS, it was a logical next step for Teneo to look for a remote proctoring solution that could easily integrate within Canvas.

Shared success

Canvas and Proctorio have a long-lasting partnership and a large number of clients using them in conjunction to deliver their online exams. Due to the LTI integration Teneo was able to fully integrate Proctorio in less than 15 minutes.

Systems Manager at Teneo Home Schooling, Deidre Du Toit, shared their experience with Proctorio: ​“Proctorio integrated seamlessly into our Canvas instance, we were supported by the friendly staff throughout and it gave us a solution we urgently needed.”

Proctorio’s robust learning integrity platform with features such as recording options, lockdown, and verification options together with behaviour analytics provides the perfect scalable solution which enables online learning schools to grow their online programs.

With the implementation of remote proctoring, the integrity of online courses and value of online degrees is protected. By expanding access to online learning, Proctorio is diversifying the educational landscape and enhancing inclusivity in assessment. The entrance of remote proctoring to the online learning space has created a social benefit for students and instructors alike, by allowing each to customize their educational experience. Students are able to demonstrate learning on their own time, from almost any location around the world. Instructors are enhancing pedagogy, improving learning outcomes, and improving student engagement.