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Put Student Achievements at the Heart of your Success Strategies

Meet Portfolium, an ecosystem of tools that helps drive institutional and student success and boost employability. Portfolium gives your students the tools they need to navigate their academic and co-curricular journeys and showcase their skills and accomplishments - for free, and for life - to a network of peers, teaching staff, and employers. Get ready: Student success just got a life outside of school.

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Canvas Folio

Student success starts with an online portfolio. And not just any online portfolio. With Canvas Folios, every student can create an online portfolio to showcase and share their course assignments, artefacts, and co-curricular activities - for free, and for life. It’s the foundation of Portfolium’s connected ecosystem of tools. And the best thing is, any student with a Canvas login can create a Folio. They can kick it off in high school or uni and continually update it with the skills and experiences they gain over their careers. 

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The Portfolium Network

The uniqueness and power of Portfolium lies in its social networking capabilities. Students, teaching staff, employers, mentors, and peers can all connect with each other while sharing their online portfolios. Students (and teaching staff)  can publish projects, view each other’s work, make comments, and provide feedback, all while learning from each other and making meaningful connections. 

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Boost the Power of Folio’s Showcasing and Networking Capabilities

Portfolium’s ecosystem of tools unlocks the inherent value of online portfolios

Canvas Pathways

Engage your students through grownup gamification. Canvas Pathways helps students navigate their academic and co-curricular journeys and demonstrate the work behind their achievements, all while providing a roadmap for acquiring new skills and competencies. It also empowers you to show the rigour, thoroughness, and validity of your various programs, courses, and co-curricular activities.

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Canvas Folio Management

Benefit from wise and targeted Folio-derived data. Folio Management gives you valuable access to deep, real-time analytics on student engagement, skills and competencies, network connections, and interactions across various cohorts. As your students create and build their portfolios, you gain insights into the skills they’re building and how they’re connecting with others, alongside other valuable insights and analytics.

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Canvas Outcomes Assessment

Evaluate the effectiveness of your student outcomes initiatives. Canvas Outcomes Assessment helps bring portfolios and assessments together by linking flagship assessments with Folios and simplifying course-level assessment. You can review student artefacts against institutional rubrics and gain insights into the effectiveness of a course or program. This simplifies the assessment of student outcomes and proves institutional value by showcasing evidence of learning, achievement, and skill mastery.

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