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Education is More Important than Ever in Victoria

Instructure is proud to work with K–12 institutions and universities across Victoria to prepare students for their chosen education and career paths. We understand the Department of Education and Training’s mission to streamline the technology that supports the state’s learning initiatives. Our goal is to provide Instructure Canvas affordably to schools statewide and help strengthen the future of student-centred learning in Victoria.

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Canvas is Local

Sacred Heart College Geelong Uses Data to Create Transparency in Learning

Sacred Heart College Geelong has adopted a network model of learning through technology that involves disciplines working together on trans-disciplinary practices within the curriculum. Using Canvas Data, admins have created a new reporting dashboard to provide transparency in communications, as well as easy parent viewing.

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The Department of Education and Training's Strategic Priorities

How Canvas Supports Them:

1 - Ensure Victorians have equitable access to quality education and training.

Canvas enables:

  • Equitable student access to educational resources
  • Engaging, personalised learning and improved student performance
  • Easy sharing of best practices and professional development

2 - Build an integrated birth-to-adulthood education and development system.

Canvas enables:

  • A consistent, open learning experience for students in K-12, tertiary education and the workplace
  • The alignment of learning outcomes with educational goals
  • Lifelong learning everywhere, every day

3 - Activate excellence, innovation, and economic growth.

Canvas enables:

  • Innovative teaching and pedagogy both in and outside of the classroom
  • Intuitive learning that sets students up for success
  • Students to become innovators and creators, both now and in the future

So, why Canvas?

Canvas is the world's fastest-growing and most deeply adopted learning management platform. It delivers an open, extensible learning ecosystem that simplifies teaching and learning by connecting all the digital tools educators use in one accessible place.

High-Quality Interactions for Every Victoria Student

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Office 365

We have a 100% success rate in integrating with all SIS vendors across the state. Contact us if you don’t see your SIS listed below. Full integration with all major Australian SIS’s including:

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