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Raising Educational Achievement for Every New Zealander

Kia Ora! Instructure is proud to work with K–12 institutions and universities across New Zealand to prepare students for their chosen education and career paths. We understand the Ministry of Education's mission to enable all children to succeed as both students and individuals. Our goal is to provide Instructure Canvas affordably to New Zealand schools and streamline the technology that supports learning initiatives throughout the country.

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Canvas is Local

Canvas Helps Selwyn House School Deliver Meaningful and Relevant Learning

Canvas is the best match for Selwyn House’s vision for a more collaborative and digitally advanced curriculum. Canvas is used across a range of activities at the school, from simple tasks such as accessing online resources and teacher-selected sites, to completing assignments that incorporate digital peer and teacher review.

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New Zealand's Top Educational Priorities

How Canvas Supports Them:

1 - The education system is relevant and reaches all children and students.

Canvas enables:

  • Equitable student access to educational resources
  • Real-time student learning data for teachers and families
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration and teacher-student communication

2 - Every child and student achieves educational success

Canvas enables:

  • Engaging, personalised learning and improved student performance
  • Intuitive learning experience to set students up for success
  • The alignment of learning outcomes with educational goals

3 - New Zealanders have the skills and knowledge for work and life.

Canvas enables:

  • A consistent, open learning experience for students in K-12, tertiary education, and the workplace
  • Students to become innovators and creators, both now and in the future
  • Lifelong learning everywhere, every day

So, why Canvas?

Canvas is the world's fastest-growing and most deeply adopted learning management platform. It delivers an open, extensible learning ecosystem that simplifies teaching and learning by connecting all the digital tools educators use in one accessible place.

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High-Quality Interactions for Every New Zealander

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We have a 100% success rate in integrating with all SIS vendors across the state. Contact us if you don’t see your SIS listed below. Full integration with all major NZ SIS’s including:

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