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Everyone wants to get the best return on their investments, but few ventures can match the return and (risk-free) value of education. 

That’s especially meaningful for those involved in vocational education and training. Registered training organisations, or RTOs, focus on three things: improving course delivery, increasing completion rates and meeting student demand. Organisations that succeed in these areas achieve desired learning outcomes. 

RTOs invest in students’ careers by preparing them for the job market. That’s why students and teachers need digital tools that are intuitive, flexible and easy to adopt. It’s also why you need to look beyond the cost of your online learning system and find out why things like cloud hosting make a difference. 

Professional development provider Velg Training and the Canvas learning management system surveyed RTOs throughout Australia to study their approach to e‑learning. The new concept of Return on Teaching (RoT) redefines the classic concept of RoI (Return on Investment) by considering more than the cost of online learning systems. 

To learn more about how to maximise the Return on Teaching for RTOs, download this free white paper from Canvas LMS and Velg Training.


Keep learning,

Ben Reynolds
Regional Director, Canvas LMS