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Brisbane Grammar School (BGS) is an independent, non-denominational school for students in Years 5 to 12. Established in 1868, BGS is the oldest secondary school for boys in Brisbane. 

BGS had used a learning management system (LMS) for more than a decade. However, administrators wanted a new, cloud-based platform that could fit their changing needs in Australian K-12 education.

They attended EduTech — the largest education conference in Australia — where they met representatives from the Canvas Learning Management Platform, and later received a live demonstration of the system. The evaluation group comprised a range of stakeholders, including ICT staff, but the decision to switch to Canvas was ultimately made by teachers. Every student and teacher at BGS uses a tablet/PC hybrid device in the classroom, with programs and tools installed on those devices.

“We use technology to learn, to collaborate, to experiment and to go through experiential learning. Canvas brings those things together.”

Greg Dabelstein

Dean of Curriculum, Brisbane Grammar School

Read the full case study to find out how BGS staff are using Canvas for curriculum, assessment, and professional development. And check out how the Canvas Learning Management Platform is helping other institutions at