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A new survey report, the Australian Vocational eLearning Adoption Report (AVEAR 2018), has been released today. As the second annual report built on data collected from November 2018, the AVEAR 2018 provides an ongoing, in-depth check on the adoption and use of online learning systems, tools and applications by Australian RTOs (registered training organisations) in the VET (vocational education and training) sector. 

This annual survey is a joint project between Instructure Australia, the education software provider of Canvas Learning Management Platform, and Velg Training, Australia's leading provider of Vocational Education and Training (VET) professional development and consulting services. 

Michelle Weaver, CEO of Velg Training, said, "Velg Training have been involved in this process of gathering data as we believe it is important to identify trends for predicting future directions so we are better informed in how to support our members, particularly in the area of eLearning which is rapidly expanding amongst RTO offerings."

More than 500 respondents from VET service providers contributed to the AVEAR 2018 survey. Collectively, RTOs in Australia deliver training and assessment services to 4.2 million people each year. Learners gain workplace-specific skills and knowledge, in a wide range of careers and industries.

AVEAR 2018 addresses how RTOs are using eLearning in pedagogy, adopting online learning, identifying emerging technologies, and other topics including staff professional development, competitive analysis, organisational and institutional planning. 

Key insights from the AVEAR 2018 include:

-RTOs continue to place a great importance on the role of eLearning in delivering outcomes for students, teachers and organisational performance. 71% of organisations adopt a blended delivery of traditional and online learning, which is consistent with the previous year’s result. 

-However, the study shows a significant portion of RTO organisations (25%) still only provide a traditional, face-to-face learning environment. The top three reasons for not adopting online learning are reported as: management preference for face-to-face teaching (30%), the courses provided do not require it (27%) and the lack of skills / IT resources (25%).

-Our data finds that for RTOs to make a greater impact on students, organisations want integration systems to improve overall operational efficiencies and productivity. The 2018 survey reports that 46% of RTOs have either completely automated or have some level of integration between their online learning systems and their student management system (SMS).

-The study shows that an extensive use of video is already happening in RTOs today (77%) and that 37% already have video as an integrated component of their LMS. The top three uses of videos are for student submissions, assignments and discussions. 

Commenting on the report outcome, Kerri Buttery, Director of VETNexus, said, “It is pleasing to see an increase in the uptake of eLearning solutions to assist RTOs in the management of resources, providing flexibility to their learners and streamlining processes for assessors.” 

Buttery continued to call out that, “While it has been commented that in some areas there hasn’t been an uptake of eLearning due to the nature of qualifications delivered it is possible that a blended learning approach, making use of videos for skills demonstration, could be considered to allow for additional resources and assistance to students”.

To read the full AVEAR 2018 report, please download it here


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