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Confession: I am the worst at writing down homework. Therefore, I am also the worst at doing and turning in homework. Also, keeping papers in order? Not my forte. I could go on and on, but in the end, all you need to know is that I am not a vision of organisation or neatness.  However, using Canvas throughout high school has saved my academic life, because everything I need for my classes is in one neat place.

How Canvas Helped

Gone are the days of desperately searching through my sweatshirt pockets to find the syllabus and my teacher’s policy on late homework; I know exactly where it is and how to access it on Canvas. My homework, class PowerPoints, and unit calendars are all easily accessible to me, without having to worry about putting them in the right binder or folders. Canvas has helped me stay organised with no stress. Turning in homework late has also become less of a problem with Canvas’ help. I can submit my work electronically immediately after I finish so that it doesn’t slip my mind. 

If you’re still not convinced that Canvas makes life smoother, take a look at my transcript.

The calendar on Canvas is one of my favourite parts of the app.  This feature shows me a traditional month with all of my teacher’s assignments on their due date, and I can also add my own events to it. When I view the calendar on my laptop, it crosses off the homework I have already turned in via Canvas, so I don’t have to stress about whether I have submitted it. Even though Canvas has an easy-access turn in button, I still manage to forget to turn in completed assignments sometimes.

If you’re still not convinced that Canvas makes life smoother, take a look at my transcript.  My grades shot up between my freshman and sophomore years from Credit to Distinction. It was not because I locked myself in my room and started studying for nine hours a day, but because my school required every teacher to use Canvas. The days of missed assignments, calendar confusion, and having to go between paper and three different apps on my iPad were no more. Canvas helped streamline and organise my life, and both my grades and stress levels have profited from it. 

Keep learning,

Katrina Kavanagh
Senior (Year 12) at Presentation High School (California)