Using Course Analytics to Improve Your Course Design

Online courses are usually designed based on one or more of a number of factors, including: 1) faculty experience, 2) pedagogical principles, 3) institutional guidelines, and 4) classroom components. All of these contribute to the final design and flow of a course. Until now, it has been difficult to assess how well courses actually meet many institutional and teaching goals. While assessments seek to evaluate whether students have acquired skills and knowledge, there has been little examination of the actual learning process from students’ perspective aside from anecdotal survey responses. The ability to extract learner interaction data from modern LMS platforms has begun to provide insight into what students actually do in a course—how often they work in the course, the order in which they interact with course content, patterns of interactions that can reveal content and process problems, and so on. Using data from two sample courses, Pamela Wik-Grimm will give examples of course design issues uncovered by analyzing student data. Solving these issues provides benefits, including improved student completion rates, reduced instructor teaching burden, and help for institutions in meeting budgetary and student performance goals.

Using Google App Scripts and Spreadsheets to Analyze Canvas Usage Data

JISC Cetis will introduce some basic Google Spreadsheet features. They will also show you how to dig deeper with Canvas API integrations using Google Apps Script and Google Spreadsheets. In the end, you'll have a better understanding of learning analytics and how to collect and measure data about learners.

What Your Students Need to Know About Canvas

Knowing your Canvas platform better than your students will help you become a more effective online teacher. This webinar will give you an overview of Canvas and the things your students will need to know, including how to navigate Canvas and understand all the tools it has to offer. We'll show you the ins and outs so you can navigate Canvas better than your students.