Outcomes, Rubrics, and Grading

This webinar will show you the importance of using rubrics and outcomes. Rubrics will help increase the consistency of grading, whether you're teaching solo or with multiple instructors. Also learn how to establish guidelines for assignments, which will help students produce better outcomes. Learn about other ways rubrics are changing the teaching and learning game.

Packing Your Virtual Bags: Taking What Matters into Your School's Online Environment

One of the great challenges for schools configuring or creating digital tools is determining just how closely to mirror the 'reality' of school life in the online environment. When does an exact replica support students and teachers? When does a simplified model do the trick, making our lives more efficient? Walk through one school's process for identifying, interpreting, and transmogrifying school life into effective and valued online tools that support the work of students, teachers, and administrators. In this webinar, we'll cover: timeline for making decisions about online projects, process for configuring online tools, sample Canvas configuration for a small boarding school, and a process for assessment and reflective ongoing planning

Ramp Up Your Online Course This School Year

With a new school year upon us, what better way to start it off than with a Canvas K12 webinar! Take a peek under Canvas’ hood and learn how you can revolutionize your teaching experience this year. We’ll share some of our users’ favorite features and show you how they can transform your online courses. Let Canvas K12 help you start the school year off right! Come learn more about… SpeedGrader, including Crocodoc for annotation, outcomes aligned with Rubrics, Analytics, Rich Content Media tool, and the Mobile Apps Center.

Risky business: Finding and Helping At-Risk Students

At-risk online students are often past the point of redemption before appropriate support services are brought into play. This session focuses on different ways that administrators and instructors can systematically use built-in Canvas features or external tools like Dropout Detective to proactively detect and help at-risk students before it’s too late.

SIS flexibility and customization with Canvas partner Kimono

Do you wish your integration would give you more flexibility? You need the ability to alter the structure per school, customize cross-listings, and filter and shape your SIS data. Join us for a 30-minute webinar exploring the Kimono Canvas Integration. See a demo of the real-time, bi-directional integration and find out how it can make Canvas adapt to your district, schools, and teachers.

Teaching Math and Technology in a 1:1 Environment

Join us as we explore the benefits of technology integration in the math classroom for both educators and students. Topics will include using a learning management system and Google Apps for Education; experiencing a flipped/blended classroom; and creating a student-centric classroom through the use of technology.

Tech Learning Tools for College Prep

How do you prepare graduating students with the right learning tools needed to succeed in Higher Ed? And how do you help them continue to succeed? Presenters from both Harvard University and Phillips Academy, Andover answer these questions while sharing strategies on how to drive better adoption and usage of learning tools as well as what has and has not worked for them when adopting an LMS.

Technology that Helps Build Better Teachers Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Looking for a better way to identify and reach students with special academic needs?

Using an LMS Is Not a Matter of If, But When

K-12 technology initiatives benefit greatly by having an easy-to-use, highly adoptable LMS to facilitate interactions between teachers, students, and content. If you’re not using an LMS today, find out why Tempe Union HSD thinks you will be (or at least should be) soon.