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IDSolutions Integrates Vidyo with Canvas

IDSolutions has developed an integration between Vidyo (one of the best desktop video conferencing solutions on the market today) and Canvas LMS. The Vidyo for Canvas (VFC) module integrates both live and recorded video directly into the Canvas interface to help instructors leverage the power of video for every course they teach.

Imagine a Canvas Future: Penn Harris Madison's Canvas Experience

In summer 2012, Penn Harris Madison became the first district in Indiana to adopt Canvas. Join us as they discuss their experience adopting and implementing Canvas over the past three years.

Implementing Simple Clean Course Design in Your Class

Are you ready to design your first online course? Or to incorporate more online content into a face-to-face course? Do you know where to begin? This webinar will offer a clean and simple approach to course design. Working in Canvas, participants will be introduced to design tips and tricks for building a learning module in no time. Find out what you'll need, where you'll need it, and how to engage your students.

Important Things to Consider when Evaluating an LMS

Before committing to a new learning management system, or LMS, schools and districts have some serious homework to do. Ensuring that a prospective LMS aligns with institutional goals, technology infrastructure, and the requirements of an entire learning community—from teachers and administrators to students and parents—will increase the likelihood of a successful implementation, and ultimately, improve teaching and learning. A hastily chosen LMS, on the other hand, may inhibit technology adoption, fragment users, and diminish the return on investment.

Keeping Students on Track in Canvas

Keeping students on track can pose quite the problem. We all know how long the average human attention span is, but we're not only talking about the average human, we're talking about busy students. Communication is key and Canvas will allow you to keep students informed and actively engaged in your courses. This webinar will give you some very helpful tips on what some instructors are doing to keep students on track.

Knowing Who's on First and What's on Second With Canvas Analytics

Last month Instructure released analytics for Canvas complete with Student, Course, and Institutional views. Join us as Devlin Daley, co-founder of Instructure, dives into these individual views to showcase the power of data. Access slides here.

Learn How Canvas K-12 is Changing Education

Come learn how Canvas K-12 is revolutionizing the classroom. Canvas is improving student/teacher/parent collaboration both inside and outside the classroom. It also provides an online home base in support of 1:1 programs. Canvas also extends the classroom with easy-to-use online tools that facilitate learning beyond school/daytime constraints.

Learner Culture and New Digital Pedagogies

Digital pedagogy starts with learning at its center, not tools or technologies. The best digital tools inspire us, often to use them in ways the designer couldn’t anticipate. The worst digital tools attempt to dictate our pedagogies, determining what we can do with them and for whom. The digital pedagogue teaches her tools; she doesn’t let them teach her.

Lessons learned with Andover Education and

Find lessons for your class and give students the opportunity to control their learning.