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Collaborations and Peer Review in Canvas

This webinar will show how collaborations are actively engaging students and how students can work together online. This allows students to have more flexibility, use multimedia, and have greater interactivity. Online peer reviews give students the power to have their projects reviewed at any time, allowing others to give feedback sooner, and providing more time to revise projects. Learn how these tools are being used.

Columbia Business School: Embracing Modern Classroom Technology

View this free webcast with Donald Lemma, Associate Dean for Technology and CIO of Columbia Business School, to learn how Columbia embraces modern classroom technology. Lemma will present an overview of the school’s evaluation, selection, and implementation of the Canvas learning management system (LMS) and explain how Canvas has helped move Columbia’s tech initiatives forward. Additionally, Angela Lee, Executive Director of Academic Core Integration for Columbia’s Samberg Institute of Teaching Excellence, and Sean Wiggins, Administrative Coordinator, will discuss the Canvas user experience and how the LMS has helped Columbia professors provide a modern learning experience for students.

Course Organization Frameworks, Selective Release, and Hiding Content

Are you always wondering about the best way to organize your course? This webinar will cover the things you need to know to build an effective, clean course. It will cover these topics: selective release of content, hiding/locking content, hiding pages from students, self indexing Canvas with pages, and the super GUI method (pages, pictures, and graphical links).

Course Tips and Tricks for the End of the Semester

The semester is over, so now what? This webinar will provide some tips and tricks along with an end-of-semester checklist for instructors who have just wrapped up teaching with Canvas.

Creating a space into a place: Hands-on with Canvas with Mizzou K-12 Online

Mizzou K-12 Online is hosting a webinar that will review key elements of teacher training for online courses, supporting online professional development communities, and technical design of Canvas for highly-interactive anddynamic online courses. Training designs, and Javascript files for supporting course-specific CSS will be shared in this webinar that focuses on building capacity for your team: from skill and knowledge to the highly technical and social.

Creating Future Ready Students with Digital Learning

Learn how the Allen Independent School District is creating “future ready” students by focusing on digital learning, high priority learning standards, and assessment. See how they used an LMS to implement online and blended learning.

Designing Your Course for the Millennial Student with WileyPLUS and Canvas

Come hear directly from faculty who have been using WileyPLUS–a research-based, online teaching and learning environment–to seamlessly add digital content to their courses. Learn about the pedagogical advantages of incorporating Wiley’s rich collection of interactive learning content right from within your Canvas course.

Do We Even Need an LMS? Oshkosh School District's LMS Journey

Oshkosh Area School District had to figure out if it needed a learning management system or could get away with piecing together different apps and programs to make it work. Join Oshkosh tech integrators Corey Jeffers and Kristi Levy as they discuss their district’s LMS journey.

Easy Collaboration and Sharing Between Teachers, Students and Faculty with Box and Canvas

During this webinar Seth Klein, Lead Channel Solutions Engineer at Box, will discuss: How Canvas and Box together make faculty, staff, and students more productive, the challenges that Box solves in education environments, how Box is different from other solutions in the marketplace, and the Box integration with Canvas by Instructure.