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Best Practices for Integrating Vetted OER: Your LMS as the Hub for Instruction

The growing effort to incorporate Open Educational Resources as a foundational part of digital transformations unveils new challenges and opportunities for districts. How can administrators ensure that teachers use trusted, quality resources? How can those resources be organized to match the district’s curriculum, so they can truly replace printed materials? Is there a way teachers can access all OER needed without leaving the platform they use to design and deliver instruction?

Beyond “Banking” to “Bartle”: Faculty Development Gets Game!

This webinar is designed to talk broadly about the convergence of game-based learning and faculty development as a unique approach to developing innovative pedagogy, student engagement, and deepened understandings of game elements and game theory. Just like multiple game elements are needed to make an effective learning experience, multiple pedagogical elements are needed to make an effective and powerful learning experience – professional development experience.

Blended Learning What It Takes to Do It Right

At the Clark County School District in Nevada, administrators plan to transition 100,000 students—one third of the student body—into an online or blended learning environment by the 2015-2016 school year. Listen to this web seminar to learn strategies from Clark County's innovative projects coordinator about the keys to implementing blended learning from an administrator's perspective, the most predominant implementation models, and a practical 4-step approach to creating a successful blended learning environment in any district.

Boost your Canvas Course with 3rd Party Tools and Content from McGraw Hill

Canvas, the fastest growing LMS, provides a suite of tools to make you and your students more efficient and your course more effective. Learn how to get the most from those tools and how seamless integration of 3rd party content in your Canvas course can boost outcomes and save you time. This session will be 30 minutes plus 15 minutes of Q&A.

Bringing Gaming Into Online Learning

The mental and social habits gaming encourages, and the sense of motivated optimism it cultivates, are exactly what we as educators hope to encourage in our students. As we learn more about the relationship between engagement, achievement, well being, and play, we see that meaningful learning can happen naturally in a game-based context.

Building Easy-to-Navigate Courses: Leveraging Modules and Pages in Canvas

Having easy-to-navigate courses will help you and your students succeed even more. Learn how to create courses that allow students to easily flow through content and find what they're looking for with minimal effort. Simple changes, such as using pages instead of a course stream, will provide quick links. Join this webinar to boost your courses' accessibility to students.

Championing the Flipped Classroom

This session chronicles Baine’s adventures in teaching hybrid art appreciation courses. Explore best practices for a flipped classroom model, as well as ideas for translating you and your personality to a digital environment.

CHANGE: It’s Worth It - Migrating Your University’s LMS is Much Easier Than You Think

Migrating to a new LMS is a massive ordeal, but totally worth it to best meet the needs of faculty and students. Listen as two administrators discuss how they’ve successfully migrated systems, including why and how they did it, and lessons learned.

Collaboration in a Software Selection Process

Selecting an institution-wide software solution is often complex, but collaboration and good planning can help the process run smoothly. This free online webinar will focus on Del Mar College’s evaluation and selection of two large-scale campus systems with pre-built integrations: the Canvas by Instructure learning management system and Blue by eXplorance course evaluation. Join us and learn more about Del Mar College’s collaborative software selection process, including: how they selected the selection committee, the evaluation and selection criteria, what Del Mar College did right, lessons learned, and about the integration of Canvas and Blue.