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Recorded Webinar: Using Zoom and Canvas for online Teaching & Learning

Webinar Chapters: Feel free to skip to the bit you're most keen to hear about:  Introductions & Agenda How The University of Sydney uses Zoom & Canvas (2 minutes 50 seconds) Canvas Overview (6 minutes 14 seconds) Zoom Overview (10 minutes 55 seconds) How Canvas & Zoom Work Together (14 minutes 45 seconds) Insights from Ruth Weeks, The University of Sydney (19 minutes 22 seconds) Live Q&A (26 minutes 32 seconds).   */

12 Amazing Tools to Add to Your EdTech Utility Belt

What’s in your EdTech utility belt? Supercharge your classroom with 12 tools that will help engage, excite, and educate your students. This webinar will show you how to build content without breaking the bank. Actual belt not included.

5 Ideas for Improving Professional Learning

Today is all about educational farming and how to plant seeds across the Professional Learning Spectrum. See how Canvas is changing the K-12 way of teaching. This webinar will provide an overview of the communication tools within Canvas and tips for leveraging the full power of the Canvas LMS.

5 Smart Things To Do in Online Course Design

Make your Canvas course an object of art. Learn five easy steps that will help you create courses designed to increase course interactions. This webinar also addresses the misconceptions of online courses and how to break down barriers of the past. Online learning is the way of the future, so fill the gap by creating some amazing courses. Additional resources can be found here.

5 Ways to Engage Students in Today’s Virtual World

As we continue to help millions of people teach and learn remotely all over the world--we've gathered best practices to help students better engage in the process of remote learning. Supporting and empowering faculty during the challenging transition to teaching online. How to give students ownership and control as they learn remotely. Helping students foster motivation and purpose in a remote learning environment. Helpful tools and technology to facilitate remote instruction. The benefits of gamifying and socializing the learning process.

A Learning Object Repository That Actually Gets Used?

The educational landscape is littered with learning object repositories (LORs), bouncing dustily across education like purposeless tumbleweeds blown by the winds of indifference. If no one cares about the LOR, if no one uses it, if no one even wants to try to use it, then who exactly is it helping? Introducing Canvas Commons, the LOR that will get used because it makes sharing so easy.

Addressing Students with Special Academic Needs

AspirEDU and ReadSpeaker present with Canvas on tools to help students with special needs.

Appy Hour: From Strategic to Tactical, Getting The Most Out of Classroom Technology

This webinar discusses what to do AFTER the 1:1 rollout happens, and how to capitalize on the tools and access that are now at teachers’ and students’ fingertips.

Athletics, Clubs, and Meetings – Leveraging the Canvas Experience

Learn how Naperville North High School is leveraging the power of Canvas to improve communication and collaboration in athletics, clubs, and meetings. With Canvas, teachers, administrators, coaches, and students have access to all their work—all the time—so conversations and learning are no longer limited to the hours of practices or meetings. See how schools can use Canvas on and off the field, as well as in and out of the conference room.