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Florida Is the
Sunshine State...

and with Canvas, It's shedding light on diversity & scalability in the classroom through educational technology

Schools and districts across Florida use Canvas to provide every student equitable access to high-quality instruction. By helping districts see and scale what’s working in their highest-achieving classrooms, Canvas makes it easy to fulfill the promise of a quality education for every child.

So, why use an LMS?

LMS stands for “learning management system”

But why do you need educational technology? And why Canvas? Well, first of all, Canvas is used in more Florida classrooms than any other LMS. It connects all your teaching tools and content in one organized place, and it helps you easily scale great instruction to every classroom and provide more consistency for teachers and students with varied backgrounds and needs. Plus, since Canvas use is as ubiquitous as flip-flops in Florida, most of your teachers have already used it in other districts or in their teacher prep programs in college. This consistency streamlines the education experience for both teachers and students, minimizing interruptions in learning.

Empowering Learners from Kindergarten to College through Educational Technology

Most students attend multiple schools throughout their educational careers, and when each school and teacher uses different systems, this can feel akin to navigating the Everglades. To address this challenge, the FL Board of Governors chose Canvas as the preferred LMS for the State University System of Florida. Using a common LMS ensures a smoother transition for students who take courses from more than one institution, as well as for new teachers graduating from college and moving into their own classrooms.

All Students Must Pass One Online Class to Earn a High School Diploma

Here’s How You Can Meet This Requirement With Canvas:

  • Build and deploy online classes
  • Customize student learning paths based on performance
  • Provide immediate, targeted feedback

Scale Great Instruction to Every Classroom

And So Many Integrations

74% percent of districts use more than 26 different edtech tools. But with an LMS, you can harness your edtech tools and help them live in harmony—like gators and crocs. Canvas Educational Technology collects all your apps and content in one place, simplifying teaching and making it easier to personalize learning and deliver more effective instruction.

Sunshine State Standards plug right into Canvas

Canvas Talks to your SIS

  • Skyward ✓
  • Focus ✓
  • Custom SIS integrations ✓

Use your favorite Google apps right inside Canvas

Canvas integrates seamlessly with Office 365

Plug and play your favorite learning apps right inside Canvas

Canvas has an LOR, called Commons, with tons of open resources readily available for you

Florida Love for Canvas

some of the folks using Canvas near you

Here’s What Floridians Are Saying About Canvas

Because Canvas offers a K-20 solution, meaning it's used by K-12 schools, as well as institutions of higher education, it supports Archbishop McCarthy's mission to prepare students for college by helping them succeed in a fully digital learning environment.

“We have begun to create a Canvas culture."


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