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If you’ve ever wondered why so many educational institutions are moving toward student-centered learning, here’s the simple answer: engagement.

When students are more engaged, they’re also more motivated. And as we all know, motivation boosts performance. That’s why Unplag, a cloud-based plagiarism checker that integrates with Canvas, is finding ways to increase engagement by providing more opportunities for student-educator interactions.

With our new commenting feature, you can offer feedback or suggest revisions for every student submission made through Unplag. Students are instantly notified of your suggestions, so they can learn to write academic papers originally, while also receiving advice to improve their grammar and style.

Advantages of Using Unplag

Here’s a short list of advantages the Unplag commenting feature offers for you and your students:

  • You can provide an unlimited number of comments (up to 1,500 characters each), so your students get all the advice they need.
  • Comments can be edited or deleted in a matter of seconds.
  • Students are instantly notified of new comments and can immediately read them.
  • All comments are highlighted in pink, so students can quickly find a sentence or passage that needs improving.

Unplag is committed to student-centered learning, so watch for additional enhancements to help increase engagement. All updates are immediately available to all of our users.

To learn more about Unplag, join us for our upcoming webinar, “Ask Me How Your Students Cheat You,” on Thursday, July 14, 2016 at 11 a.m. MST.


Keep learning,
Anastasia Parokha
CEO, Unplag