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Canvas prides itself on being the most flexible, adaptable learning management system (LMS). Canvas isn’t only for K–12 and higher education. Organizations around the world, including medical schools and nursing programs, use Canvas because it can handle the program nuances and unique courses required at these institutions.

We’ve pulled together course designers and program directors who share the ways they’ve leveraged Canvas throughout their medical and nursing programs. Our Canvas Community’s resources are shared through the CanvasLIVE* MedEd series, where you’ll get tips from panelists who are both medical and Canvas pros. There IS a doctor (and lots of doctorates) in the house!

Check out any or all of these sessions:

Pre-Clinical Years - Course Materials and Organization

Viewing time: 60 minutes

Description: Effective ways to manage and organize content in courses for larger blocks and smaller blocks that run parallel.

You will learn about: course home page, course design, and use of Assignments, Files, and Modules.

Clinical Years - Communication and Rotations

Viewing time: 41 minutes

Description: Learn about the advantages and limitations of staying connected with student-faculty and student-student conversations.

You will learn about: Announcements, Conferences, Discussions, and Messages.

Clinical Years - Learning Communities, Collaborations, and Being On the Go

Viewing time: 24 minutes

Description: Hear about the “learning communities” where cohorts and mentors work together during pre-clinical and clinical years.

You will learn about: Collaborations, Groups, and mobile.


For a full dose of Canvas awesomeness, you can watch the entire series at this link. Also, if you watch all three, you’ll get a cool Community badge** worth points! 

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Keep learning,

Biray Seitz 
Manager, Virtual Events at Instructure


*CanvasLIVE is a virtual event destination for all Canvas users! Events are hosted by Instructure employees, Canvas Community members, and/or Canvas partners. Sessions are designed to help users improve and enhance their teaching and learning with Canvas. 

**The Canvas Community Rewards system tracks and incentivizes your contributions and participation in the community. To learn more, read this.