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Rhiannon Hartvigsen had only been using the Canvas learning management system for three weeks when she started to see the benefits. “It provides the students opportunities for differentiation, automatically, without me having to say ‘Oh my goodness, you’re already finished with that. Now what am I going to have you do?’” said Hartvigsen, who teaches language arts to seventh and eighth grade students at Mount Ogden Junior High School in Ogden, Utah.

Hartvigsen appears in a video produced by the Ogden School District to showcase her blended learning best practices. The district is taking part in a statewide Canvas initiative to increase the use of technology in education. At Instructure, our mission is to make teaching and learning easier through Canvas.

Rhiannon Hartvigsen teaches with Canvas learning management system.

“[Canvas] provides opportunities for differentiation for every single assignment and every class period.”

-Rhiannon Hartvigsen

Teacher, Mount Ogden Jr. High School

Hartvigsen also has started to use the Canvas MasteryPaths feature, which customizes learning experiences to students based on student performance. She said MasteryPaths, combined with daily assignments, has encouraged both self-directed learning and collaboration and is more interactive. “They feel more connected, I think, as a classroom,” Hartvigsen said.

Student works on Canvas module on computer.

Check out the full video below:

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