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Before most of you sign off for the week to enjoy food, family, friends, fun (or whatever your combo of Thanksgiving holiday favorites), we asked you to tell us via Twitter what you’re most thankful for. Because, yeah, being thankful is what it’s all about.


While you certainly offered some interesting and inspiring answers (panda ShamWow, anyone?), we can all agree that we’re thankful for the opportunity to teach, learn, share, and inspire. And here at Instructure, we’re extra thankful for our amazing team, as well as our incredible teachers, students, administrators, and of course, the amazing panda bear.

Here’s what some of you had to say.




A few of our Instructure employees chimed in with some gratitude, too.


We’re also thankful for you, Cade.

So have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday and be sure to follow us on Twitter at @Instructure to get in on all the conversations about #CanvasLMS, Panda GIFs, and more.

Keep Learning,
Jenni Stokes
Social Media Manager