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What do George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln have in common (besides the whole “My face is on money!” thing)? If you answered, “They were all President of the United States,” congratulations, Captain Obvious. Way to dig deep. If you answered, “They were all land surveyors at some point in their careers,” give yourself a gold star. Or two. Also, you should probably get out more.

SurveyorsSurveying means good times for all.
And also natty hats, apparently.

To make sure we’re getting a steady stream of farm-fresh feedback, we do a little surveying of our own. But we do our surveying with questionnaires, not theodolites. We love to hear what people have to say about Canvas. User feedback helps us continue to innovate and make Canvas better.

We’re conducting two kinds of surveys regularly right now: monthly Canvas user surveys and quarterly Canvas administrator surveys.

Monthly Canvas user survey

Every month, we invite students and instructors at a few Canvas schools to complete a user survey. The questionnaires are short and sweet. Here’s the student version (yes, this is the whole thing), which focuses on how easy or hard it is to do important things in Canvas:

Customer Survey Results

The instructor version is a little longer, but not much. It also includes questions about how well key parts of Canvas are meeting teachers’ needs and how we’re measuring up to specific value statements.

The user survey informs product development, training and client services decisions. It’s not our only source of student and teacher input, but it’s an important guidepost.

Quarterly Canvas admin survey

We also invite the LMS administrators at every Canvas school to complete a survey every three months. Administrators spend a lot of time talking to our account managers and support team, so this survey focuses on the client-Canvas relationship—how we handle tickets, communicate about changes and share information about issues.

We use what we learn from the admins survey to make our Client Services team better. And we learn a lot. Thank you, administrators!

Surveys aren’t everything

We gather feedback in lots of other ways, too. The Canvas community and our open feature request forums are great places to ask questions, learn and share opinions about Canvas. Read more about the community and forums here.

Oh, and keep an eye on the community and the forums. We’re planning a few little changes that should make them even better.

Keep learning!
Seth Johnson
Sr. Director, Client Services