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Help students engage in their learning to help them succeed was the message to educators attending the Mission: InstructureCon 0017 keynote by Jared Stein, vice president of higher education strategy for Instructure.

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Stein said that education is more than a job; it’s a calling with a natural tendency to want to see others achieve success. He said that student engagement is often linked to achievement. Research shows that students who identify themselves as engaged complete their courses and graduate at a higher rate. Engagement also compounds over time.

He named three aspects to a cycle of student engagement: Motivation, Participation, and Progression. Teachers strive to get more students in that cycle so they can have those benefits. Specific features in the Canvas learning management system (LMS) can help in these areas.

The audience watched examples of student engagement in these client stories (video links):

Cultural Ties That Bind: Canvas and The University of Auckland

Many students at the University of Auckland in New Zealand face challenges and make sacrifices when they transition into an unfamiliar educational environment. By embracing their similar cultural backgrounds and connecting with each other through digital technology, including Canvas, the fears can fade and students can engage together and experience an “equity of opportunity.”


The Languages of Learning: Canvas and Education Services for the Deaf and Blind

People who visit the schools that are part of North Carolina’s Education Services for the Deaf and Blind witness accessibility in action. Students who are blind, deaf, or have severe disabilities are engaged in their learning and finding success by getting access to and using technology anytime and anywhere—including the Canvas. Administrators say all students can learn when they have the tools, the resources, and the time.

To close his keynote, Stein announced that Canvas has created a skill for the popular voice service Amazon Alexa. The new Canvas Skill will make it easy for students, teachers, advisors, and parents to ask questions, perform quick tasks and get information from Canvas on their Alexa-enabled devices. This marks the first of many as Canvas fuses with voice services to help ease the learning and instruction process. He demonstrated the product on stage.

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