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I grew up watching the Simpsons. My family recorded it every week on VHS since day one. Before shows were available on DVD and Netflix, my friends would come over to watch random episodes of America's favorite cartoon family.

One great episode is "Homie the Clown." Krusty gets in trouble with the mob, so he convinces Homer to impersonate him in public. Homer is at a dealership looking at a car when the mob comes by and sprays the hood with bullets. The salesman quickly remarks, "Those are speed holes. They make the car go faster." Later, Homer takes a pickaxe to his own car, adding speed holes.

Cheetahs have speed holes.Cheetahs have speed holes.


SpeedGrader™ is one of the most popular features in Instructure Canvas. It takes the egregious task of grading papers and turns it into a quick, enlightening process where the educator can focus on the student's work with little overhead. All grades are synchronized with the server, so teachers don't need to "record grades" later. Essentially, we shot holes in the grading process that teachers loathe.

SpeedGrader for iPad

SpeedGrader for iPad supports complex rubrics.SpeedGrader for iPad supports complex rubrics.

In February, we made the SpeedGrader portable (and magical) by releasing it for the iPad. The app instantly received a warm welcome from professors, because it allowed them to capitalize on spare moments of downtime.

Suddenly, waiting for Junior's soccer practice to end no longer meant zoning out in the car while All Things Considered blared in the background. Teachers could crank through a handful of student papers in minutes, assigning grades and providing feedback in the form of text and audio comments.

Then we added more speed holes, and everything changed...again.

New Version

We are happy to announce the release of SpeedGrader for iPad 1.1.

Here's a small peak at what's new:

  • Video comments on the iPad 2.
  • Quiz grading.
  • Grading counts for faster grading discovery.
  • Ungraded student submissions appear first.

Teachers, if you have the means, I highly recommend picking up an iPad and SpeedGrader. They are so choice. You'll be able to kiss your manila folders goodbye and experience life in the fast lane. Oh, and while you're there, say hello to Paul Walker for us.

In case you were wondering, our collection capped out at 22 full VHS tapes.


Mark Suman
iOS Lead Developer