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Editor’s note: Jason Sparks, senior product manager for assessment platforms at Instructure, gave his seven takeaways about the highly-anticipated Gauge product announced today at InstructureCon 0017: 

  1. Gauge is….”a new product by Instructure meant to improve the way we assess student learning.”   
  2. We built Gauge to…”make a difference by simplifying the assessment process for everyone: students, parents, instructors, and administrators.”
  3. Gauge is special because…”it’s designed to be used by everyone. We take the guesswork out of higher-stakes assessment.”
  4. Gauge helps students… “take ownership of their learning. By getting a better picture of their learning through assessment, they can set goals and work toward improvement with their parents and teachers.”
  5. Gauge helps teachers… “make informed decisions about the needs of their students.”
  6. My favorite part of Gauge is… “our vision to shape the world of assessment by designing a tool meant for all users. We are working to reduce assessment anxiety through our user experience.”
  7. You can get Gauge… “today! Let’s chat at the Gauge Lounge and see how we can work together to help students grow.”  

Gauge dashboard


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Jason Sparks, M.Ed.
Senior Product Manager, Instructure