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This week at InstructureCon, we announced that we’re expanding our partnership with Amazon Web Services as we introduce streamlined access between AWS Educate and our Canvas Learning Management Platform. By automating registration in AWS Educate for any school that uses Canvas, this new Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)-enabled integration provides students with simplified access to content that will help them develop the skills to meet the industry demand for cloud-related jobs.

Cloud and distributed computing have been ranked as the #1 most in-demand job skill for the past four years, and some reports estimate that there are up to 700,000 unfilled IT jobs. AWS Educate is a global initiative that provides students and educators the resources needed to build cloud skills and to help students land cloud-related jobs. US-based students that complete applicable AWS Educate curriculum will be eligible for the AWS Educate Interview Accelerator, which offers these students job interviews at participating companies, such as Amazon and StackArmor.

"The cloud opens up dynamic possibilities for educators and students to access learning resources and hands-on learning activities, promoting innovation inside and outside the classroom," said Ken Eisner, director, Worldwide Education Programs, Amazon Web Services. "With this new integration into Canvas, educators and students gain simplified, streamlined, and enhanced access into AWS Educate, placing students in the driver's seat on their pathway to careers in cloud computing."

Educators can now access this content through AWS Educate and easily upload it into Canvas to jump-start their cloud-related teaching. Educators and teachers will get simplified entry through their Canvas account when the tool has been added by the Canvas administrator.

“Our customers are craving educational content that helps them teach cloud computing skills,” said Tara Gunther, VP of partnerships at Instructure. “As Instructure works to bridge the divide between school and work, we’ll support the development of courses that will build the next generation of skilled technology professionals in the field of cloud computing.”