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Picture this: A foot of snow fell overnight and you just received a text alert that school is canceled. You’d planned to give your students time in class to work on small group presentations about “The Glass Menagerie” today, but now you need to find another solution.

Still wearing your bathrobe, you jump into Google Drive and quickly draft a Google Doc describing your students’ tasks for the day. With a few clicks, you link the doc within your Canvas course and send an announcement to your class. Stuck at home, your students then gather via Canvas Collaborations and start working together on their presentations using Google Slides. No valuable learning time was lost, and you’re still wearing your bathrobe.

Google Drive Integration Details

It’s scenarios like these that make us so excited to announce our tightly-knit integration with Google Drive. We know you love and use Google (because so do we), and that’s why we’ve worked hard to bring you a Google Drive integration that will help you accomplish all your important Google-related tasks quickly and easily within Canvas.

Google Drive & Canvas Integration Demo from Instructure Partners & Platform on Vimeo.

What does that mean for you? It means Google Drive is now a seamless part of your Canvas experience. The integration provides:

  • Single sign-on: When users are logged in to Canvas, they’re also logged in to Google.
  • Google Drive embedding and linking: Users can easily embed documents from their Drive anywhere they find the Canvas Rich Content Editor.
  • Google Docs as assignments: Teachers can now use a Google Doc to give an assignment and send a copy of that doc to each assigned student. Students can then submit the doc, which teachers can grade in SpeedGrader using Google Docs comments or suggestions.
  • Google Drive collaborations: Students can participate in Canvas Collaborations using Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides.
  • Modules: Teachers can include a read-only Google Doc in Canvas Modules.

To dive deeper into our Google Docs integration, read our CanvasLIVE series. We strive to make your classroom more collaborative and accessible on snow days and every day.

Keep learning,
Hilary Scharton
Senior Director, K12 Product Strategy