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No farm is complete without a good, solid barn to hold equipment, livestock, hay, and maybe a cat or two. So when an Amish family needs a barn, the entire community gathers for the “raising bee” and works together to build the entire frame structure in just one day. We’d like to think that our Canvas Course Collections are the equivalent of a modern day barn raising for course design, but where nobody gets blisters from sawing too many logs.

Canvas Community Some barns are a little more “raised” than 

In case you haven’t heard of them, Canvas Course Collections are a gallery of open, publicly-shared courses that teachers and course designers (and anyone else) can browse for inspiration or even for ready-to-use, downloadable templates. Courses are contributed by Canvas Community members, including teachers, designers, and administrators.

So if you want to know what an English course might look like in Canvas, or how to create a course on Game Design Concepts, take a look at examples submitted by the Canvas Community and published “as is.” Browse the whole collection to find ideas that resonate with you.

The Canvas Course Collections are both an ongoing project and a developing community resource. Collections are updated continually and will be expanded over time. If you have a course you’d like to share with the community, follow these simple instructions, and join us in building the foundation of something amazing that we can all use.

Keep learning,
Scott Dennis 
Community Manager