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This is the eighth entry in my Preparing Your Canvas series, documenting Northern Kentucky University's transition from Blackboard to Canvas. If you want to start from the beginning, here's the rest in chronological order:

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Once the initial, panicked rush at the start of the Fall semester subsided we had a chance to take a breath. Although we continued our daily training offerings, there wasn't anything new to add to the design team's plate for the transition. Whew. Now that we've passed the midterm I thought this would be a good chance to share some of the digital signage we're using to advertise Canvas! Signs are cool, right?

Before we go on though, a warning: if you're from Instructure's marketing group, you might want to look away. I'm sure this is the kind of stuff that gives a brand manager nightmares. (How fitting for Halloween.)

NKU Canvas advertisement

Let's start with the newest sign - this one is about to go out from Marketing. This quote came from one of the faculty working her way through our workshop series. As soon as she said it, I thought "Dang, this has to go up somewhere for people to see!" Since our training isn't mandatory, building interest in our resources is crucial. However, I think that Kona Jones makes a strong argument for mandatory training in her Canvas Community post Canvas Instructor Training and Student Orientation. Would I make training mandatory? Yes. But I'm a monster.

Canvas NKU advertisement about Blackboard transition

We currently have this sign in rotation, and plan to have it up for the entire school year. We want to encourage faculty to move as early as they feel comfortable. We also want to make it explicitly clear that our old LMS isn't accessible after May. Although its been said in emails and announcements, its hard to over-emphasize a critical deadline like this. (I think this sign is my favorite.)

NKU Canvas advertisement with active courses.

We're getting to the point where we have some good numbers to show for our transition. So let's show them off! Although there wasn't an elegant way to highlight this in the sign, we have 670 unique courses in Canvas. That's not including multiple sections of the same course. Now that I've written this, I suppose I could've just put "unique" instead of "active," huh?



Keep Learning,

Nicholas Jones
Instructional Designer, Northern Kentucky University