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In the words of the late poet and author, Maya Angelou, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” But you don’t have to be a literary genius to get your story out. Canvas Network provides a place where you can stop bearing the agony and start sharing your story! Not sure how that works? Well, let me share my story.

Women’s Leadership Conference

ArmadilloEach of us has a story to tell.

I attended the Women’s Leadership Conference: Own Your Story hosted by Bay Path College in Springfield, Massachusetts. The conference was full of bright, motivated, and professional women, all hoping to connect with other like-minded women. To help continue the experience beyond the one-day conference, Bay Path created a MOOC where conference participants could connect with one another, keep sharing their stories, and learn how to shape their own life stories in the future.

Participation in the MOOC extended way beyond those who had attended the conference. Women from all over the world joined in to “own their stories.” They shared personal tales of hardships and triumphs, and developed networks of support that will outlive the duration of the course. Bay Path used this MOOC to deepen and strengthen the women’s leadership experience.

Sharing a story on Canvas Network (even if the foundation of that story is a course in history or culinary arts, a conference, or some other gathering of minds), allows students to come together, hear your story, expand it, and help it grow. To make a long story short: Canvas Network can help enrich any learning experience—whether academic, professional, or personal.

So what are you waiting for? Come share your story on Canvas Network today.

Keep learning,
Katie Bradford
Canvas Network Instructional Designer