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Imagine this: It’s New Year's Eve and the time to commit to New Year’s Resolutions has descended upon me. As the great student that I am, I vow (as I do every year) to end my procrastinating habits and actually use a planner to organize my life.

Although my school gives me a perfectly useful planner every year, I somehow as a senior still succumb to writing my homework assignments on my hand. This is a tried-and-true method that keeps thousands of high schoolers' lives together, but for me I have run into some serious logistical issues. I would use the bathroom and mysteriously get rid of all the math homework I had to do that day!! I would forget what the homework was and receive a 0 in the gradebook. It only hurt...a lot.

"After years of devising different methods to remember my homework, I can safely say I have found a solution: Canvas."

After years of devising different methods to remember my homework, I can safely say I have found a solution: Canvas. The ability for teachers to sync their assignments to my calendar allows me to clearly visualize everything I need to do for all of my different classes. With deadlines obvious on each assignment, the days of sacrificing personal hygiene in order to remember homework are gone. Additionally, the ease of being able to turn in PDFs, Google Docs, and Word documents avoids lag time, thus allowing you to become more efficient in doing your homework and leaving room to engage in other activities such as sleeping (shocker)!

Lastly, the aspect of Canvas I love the most is the ability to communicate with my teachers. For example, if I submit an assignment late or simply need a homework question to be answered, I tap the “message instructor” button and message my teacher directly without wasting time writing another boring email that will eventually flood their inbox. Likewise, teachers can easily send out announcements through Canvas to inform their students of changes in assignments or to let them know that an answer key to the latest review sheet has been posted.

Overall, Canvas is the perfect application for anyone seeking to organize their lives and prep themselves with the tools necessary to excel in school. Four years later, as a graduating senior, I think I can finally say that I have actually stuck with a New Year’s Resolution and hope I have been able to show you how Canvas can help you stick with yours. 


Keep learning,

Anna Piskun
Senior at Presentation High School (California)