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Good news, fellow space cadets! We’ve chosen the winners of our 2014 Canvas Space Program. Students from these 10 pioneering schools will launch Canvas Space Kits, and in the process, rocket STEM learning light years beyond the classroom.

The Baldwin School
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
Barrington High School
Barrington, Illinois
Centaurus High School
Lafayette, Colorado
Coronado High School
Lubbock, Texas
Da Vinci Science High School
Hawthorne, California
Highlands Elementary School
Naperville, Illinois
Liverpool Middle School
Liverpool, New York
Mellon Middle School
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pasco eSchool
Land O Lakes, Florida
Southlands Christian Schools
Walnut, California









As you may already know, we couldn’t resist launching our own Canvas Space Kit. Our video captures the awesomeness of sending a camera into space, but it doesn’t show all the incredible footage or data we gathered—or our “Houston, we have a problem” moments. While trying to retrieve our kit, we hiked through the mountains for hours only to find that it had landed beyond our reach in snow-packed mountains. The solution? We hired two guys with snowmobiles. Problem solved; kit retrieved.

And you certainly don’t know about the challenges we faced in choosing only 10 winners from among 130 deserving video submissions. But to give you an idea, here are just a few of the winning videos for your viewing pleasure.

Southlands Christian Schools

Barrington High School

Mellon Middle School

(This video looks vaguely familiar.)

We’re confident that the intrepid student-explorers of the Canvas Space Program will overcome the pitfalls of our launch (or find guys with snowmobiles, like we did) and take STEM teaching and learning to the next level.

Keep learning,
Linda Larsen