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“Arc, I think it's a brilliant feature which will change education forever because all of the sudden now we've got students and teachers and parents interacting with a video clip which means that they can get the best out of that video clip and, and distill the knowledge that they really need to master.” 

-Nikos Bogiannidis, Dean of Learning Technologies at Haileybury (Australia)

Since launching in October of last year we have heard countless success stories from teachers and students using Arc. As I mentioned during my session, the novelty of video has worn off and video in and of itself is no longer intrinsically engaging. Making matters even more difficult, the average attention span is down to 8 seconds (2015) from 12 seconds just 15 years earlier. Our goal with Arc is to not only help you counteract these negative trends, but to help you get even more out of video by creating active learning experiences. 

So what is active learning (besides a buzzword we’ve been saying for years)? It’s anything that promotes analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of what you’re trying to teach. It matters because it’s several times more effective at helping students learn. The Arc platform encourages active learning by allowing students to actively engage with the content, interact with the video, and find new ways to collaborate with each other.

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We’re pleased to announce a new Arc feature that makes these active learning experiences more accessible to all students: Automatic Speech Recognition Captioning.

  • ~85% average accuracy (97% possible with high quality recordings such as NPR)
  • Make corrections within Arc before publishing
  • 15 languages and dialects supported
  • Included with Arc at no additional cost

The next year will bring even more opportunities to leverage video in meaningful ways in Canvas and Bridge. Our product team looks forward to your feedback to both fuel and harness the power of video using Arc.

Keep Learning,

Gentry Davies
Director of Product Management, Instructure