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Lingk was founded two and a half years ago by a group of people who have a passion for education, integrations and cloud technology. This group wanted to come together to help bridge the gap between core enterprise systems like the CRM, SIS, LMS and ERP in the education space.

Providing the ability to easily connect legacy systems with cloud-based systems was the challenge in front of us. I’ve personally been in the edtech space for well over a decade. In those early years it was a significant challenge, from a vendor perspective, to support integrations from various systems within the education ecosystem. Fast-forward to today, the challenge still exists, only it’s now magnified with the adoption of cloud and mobile applications and the lightning speed in which features and integrations come to market.

Where does the LMS fit in?

The Learning Management System (LMS) is the backbone of student engagement. One of the most significant benefits of using a Learning Management System (LMS) like Canvas is the ability to immediately gauge online learner satisfaction & engagement. Capturing this data is easy - you can use the LMS - but how do you extend the value of the data into initiatives like advising and retention?

The standard data point from an LMS for many advising and retention systems is the student’s last login date. The login data of the LMS is not a great indicator of student success. To more adequately measure student success, advising systems need assessments and ongoing grades to enable advisors to course correct wayward students. Lingk products sync data between the LMS and CRM. LingkSync for Canvas and Salesforce data synchronization powers apps like Salesforce Advisor Lingk (SAL) to provide advisors detailed notifications and AI-driven alerts.


Extending Canvas data beyond academic use

Data and analytics are at the core of today’s student success initiatives. Institutions are increasingly interested in accessing this data to help identify trends in retention and graduation. Student advisors may use predictive analytics to provide proactive advising to at-risk students, improving student success as a priority.

However, application of this deep level of LMS data can extend beyond academic use. Use it to power analytics dashboards and a broad range of student and employee lifecycle use cases including: recruiting, career advisement, alumni relations and workforce development.

Enterprise organizations use powerful analytics solutions to drive action and insights. Institutions benefit when combining academic and learning system data in an enterprise analytics solution. Microsoft Power BI is an example of a tool that can use the rich demographic data from the SIS and the learning data from Canvas to provide institutions rich insights into the macro-level behaviors impacting student success. Lingk products integrate LMS data and analytics tools. Canvas and Microsoft Power BI gives institutions the insights needed to reduce dropout rates and continuously improve educational quality.

Improving student success is an ongoing journey.  At Lingk, we are innovating to help accelerate digital transformation in education to improve student success and we are excited to help lead the liberation of learning data with LingkSync productized integrations.

Keep learning (and syncing),

Paul Roberge

CEO, Lingk