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In middle school, my enormous backpack loaded with binders and folders filled to the brim with note sheets and homework to turn in had me diagnosing myself with scoliosis. 

However, not anymore.

The easy-to-use (and handily color code-able) Canvas app allows me to download notes and presentations from my teachers, organize my day-to-day calendar, and easily turn in assignments. 

Canvas’ integration with other educational apps makes it the fundamental app for any technology-integrated classroom. Canvas allows you to easily export PDFs or presentations into note-taking apps such as Notability. Canvas can also integrate with, an instant plagiarism-checking website that allows me to turn in my assignments into one easy place without having to navigate through multiple applications. 

Screenshot of Canvas mobile app

Canvas allows my teachers to integrate their class calendars into the app. Instead of having to search through each individual teacher’s calendar for the day, I can just navigate to the calendar section on the bottom panel of Canvas to view all my assignments and events for the day. For a chronic procrastinator, being able to easily view all my assignments in one place and set notifications to alert me before they’re due has saved me from a late grade in more than a few instances.

Canvas mobile app calendar

Canvas’ “Groups” feature also streamlines group work, allowing students to join different groups created by teachers so that when one student turns in the group’s work to an assignment, the teacher sees that each member of the group has turned in the work that the one student submits. Will group projects ever become less of a nuisance? Maybe not, but at least this feature means you no longer have to worry about each group member turning in the work individually or making sure the teacher check each group member individually to see which one of them turned in the work.

With Canvas, I no longer have to carry around a monster-sized binder and can organize, view, and turn in my assignments all in one easy place.


Keep learning,

Megan Munce
Senior at Presentation High School (California)