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The cloak-and-dagger aspect of Mission: InstructureCon 0017 paused briefly with a keynote address from Instructure executives tonight.

After a high-wire introduction, Chief Operating Officer Mitch Macfarlane talked about the example of sacrifice from legendary big wave surfer Eddie Aikau. Aikau routinely would go above and beyond to rescue others.

In education, teachers routinely do more than required because that effort, even for just one student, can positively impact them for generations to come. Teachers ask students to do more too, so they take control of their own learning for long-term success.

Macfarlane gave several examples of teachers, businesses, and industry leaders who “would go” much further than what others expected or hoped they would. Instructure employees strive to “Willingly Making Our Lives Harder To Make a Difference in the World”. The question to all of us is now, “Will You Go?”


During his keynote, Instructure’s Chief Executive Officer Josh Coates reiterated that Instructure makes people-oriented software: “We don’t spend a lot of time on software that people don’t use.” Coates spoke about the importance of system uptime and his pledge to be the most reliable learning management system (LMS)

Then Coates spoke about the journeys that all of us take in life, and why the success we find almost never comes from a straight line. "On your journey, don’t look for instructions. Every day you have to wake up and work hard…When you succeed in your endeavors, people around you are inspired,” Coates said.

We hope all of you secret agents of edutech can feel inspired and take advantage of a spy-kit’s worth of tools you’ll gather this week at Mission: InstructureCon 0017.