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If you’re planning to attend our Off-Off-Off-Broadway production of “Student-Centered Learning, The Musical,”  coming this June 16-18, why not take a little extra time to catch the pre-conference opener, too? 

InstructureCon Pre-Conference Workshops
We’re offering 14 unique sessions on June 15 that are sure to get you all jazzed up for the next day’s big number. Based on the classical book of the same name (but not really), InstructureCon’s Pre-Conference Sessions will delve into our most popular Canvas topics, including API basics and course design tips. Within the overarching theme of student-centered learning, sessions will focus on strategies rather than just deep diving into different tools, leaving you feeling both inspired and empowered to implement all the cool things you learned. Speaking of cool things, we’ll create a mobile choreography that will help you get comfortable designing and delivering your own mobile-friendly courses.

Sessions will guest star the triple-threat talents (course designer, teacher, administrator) of our Canvas Customer Success Managers, engineers, training gurus, and support superstars. So, whether you’re a seasoned Canvas user bursting with song (a really, really quiet song that no one else in the room can hear) or an aspiring user who’s ready to step into the proverbial LMS limelight, join us on June 15 for the pre-conference, all-Canvas revue.

And remember, InstructureCon Pre-Conference sessions are more than just a series of super intense, riveting, hands-on workshops with Canvas experts. They’re a Canvas phenomenon. (You can decide for yourself whether you’d say they’re “better than Cats.”)

Keep Learning,
Scott Dennis
Community Team Manager