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Okay, first off - I just want to address the rumors and get this cleared up: there will be no dinosaurs at InstructureCon 2011. We're sorry if this is a disappointment - we just couldn't get the science to work out. Despite this failure, I assure you, the conference will be super fun, even without dinosaurs.

This photo is self explanatory.This photo is self explanatory.

The conference will be August 1st and 2nd up in the mountains at Snowbird. Our primary objectives are to facilitate learning, networking and to have fun. You can take a look at the agenda here.

We're also going to host a Just-In-Time Soapbox Session where attendees at the conference can sign up for a 5 minute 'lightning round' to plug in their slides and step up to the mic and talk about whatever they think we all need to hear - but when the 5 minutes are up, that's it.

You can find out more about InstructureCon on our website, or you could just register now.

Keep learning,