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We have a lot of grade-related feature requests from you so we started to build a new and improved Gradebook! It’s in its very early stages so it doesn’t have all the features it will eventually have, but if you’re interested in trying it out before it is feature complete and becomes widely available to all users, contact your CSM to be added to our special Preview Beta Focus Group

You’ll get to see new features added every release as we work to complete all of our Phase 1 milestones through the last half of 2017. The New Gradebook is feature flagged, so after joining our Preview Beta Focus Group, Canvas Administrators will be able to turn the new Gradebook on for each course that wants to try it out!

We’ll be adding lots of big features like late policies, post policies, more filtering options and improved grade entry. And there are lots of little features that make the New Gradebook even more fun to use: crosshair highlighting, drag & drop or collapse any column, improved search and bulk grade adjustments. As a part of the Preview Beta Focus Group, you’ll get to see each of these new features as soon as they are finished.

Your early feedback in our Community Focus Group will help us perfect this new Gradebook before our official Phase 1 Beta release.

Keep Learning,

Christie Wruck

Senior Product Manager, Instructure