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Remember when you saw the first, original Star Trek movie? Captain Kirk resumed command of the USS Enterprise and stopped the V’Ger (one of the most powerful lifeforms ever encountered by the Federation) from destroying Earth. You thought it was pretty awesome, right? But then you saw Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan -- and it melded your Vulcan mind!

Star TrekEveryone is excited for Hack Night.

Well, InstructureCon’s Hack Night is kinda like that. The first one last year was cool, but this year’s sequel will be cool plus "KHAAAAAN!"

All Canvas techies are invited to join our crew of Instructure engineers for pizza, drinks, prizes and a night of working together. And if you don’t have a current project, we’ll give you one.

Put it on your InstructureCon calendar:

Hack Night 2013
Wednesday, June 19th 7 - 10 p.m.
Kokopelli Ballroom at the Grand Summit

Even if you don’t make it to Hack Night, InstructureCon 2013 will have two tracks dedicated entirely to technical topics. If Spock taught us anything, it’s to address the “needs of the many.”

Keep learning (and live long and prosper),